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Written by The Hemp Jubilation Team

Updated on: December 26, 2021

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Welcome to our Joy Organics review!

A Glance At The Best Joy Organics Products

When it comes to buying CBD products online, it's important to seek out the most reputable brand that ensures top notch quality you can trust, and will give you the most benefits for your money.

Read on for our Joy Organics review so you can decide if you want to give any of it's CBD products a try.

About Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a family-run business named after its founder, Joy Smith, who struggled with sleep and joint health problems. So she started searching for natural ways to help with these issues. Which led her to finding CBD and it's benefits.

After trying several top brands, only one provided results. And after doing detailed research, she realized the CBD industry was total confusion. Making it far too difficult for consumers to find safe and effective CBD products.

This led her to start her own CBD company named Joy Organics in 2018 to craft premium organic CBD products with the finest ingredients to help as many people as she could.

Joy Organics Review

Joy Organics maintains a crystal-clear initiative for creating top premium CBD products through their core values that stem from compassion, innovation, excellence, and quality service.

The company implements quality control from start to finish, using only natural strains of hemp that are high in CBD. As well as all it's hemp is grown in nutrient-rich soil in the United States on USDA certified organic farms.

Not only does Joy Organics start with natural, clean, local grown hemp, the brand also lab tests all products that contain information about the date of manufacture, purity, consistency, and potencies. Along with terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. 

That being said, Joy Organics CBD is a go-to brand for high-quality full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products. Broad-spectrum is typically entirely free of THC. And Full-spectrum CBD contains up to 0.3% THC, which is far below any tolerable levels that would alter your mental state or make you high.

The CBD products are available in organic tinctures, gummies, creams, bath bombs, softgels, energy drinks and CBD pet treats and oils.

Research is still limited on whether CBD is safe or even effective for dogs and cats. Before giving your pets CBD, it’s best to check with your vet first.

Learn more about is CBD safe for dogs here.

Joy Organics Shipping & Return Policy

There is no minimum amount you have to spend before Joy Organics ships your product, and they ship to all the 50 states in the United States.

Joy Organics offers one of the most generous return policies in the industry. If you use any of her products for 90 days and aren’t completely satisfied, they will give you a full refund.

She’s made it very hassle free to request a refund. Simply send an email to refunds@joyorganics.com, fill out the contact form or call them at 833-569-7223.

So, go ahead and try them out. You really have nothing to lose.

Joy Organics Customer Satisfaction and Quality

There are a great deal of mostly positive customer reviews on Joy Organics website found under each product description. They mostly have a rating of 5 out of 5 stars and an A+ grade on the Better Business Bureau website.

Overall, Joy Organics customers say they would recommend Joy Organics to people when they are considering CBD. They trust and seen the benefits for themselves. They are honest and trustworthy. Have a commitment to keeping their customers happy.

As far as product quality and effectiveness the customer comments are positive as well, saying really appreciate the quality of the product, the products are 100% what they say they are, and immediate results are noticeable.

Plus, Customer Service is top notch, some reviewers mentioned quick delivery and super easy returns if they weren’t satisfied with their product.

Best Joy Organics Products Review

Below is a list of some CBD products from Joy Organics that we think are the best option for you to consider, based on our Joy Organics products review.

Joy Organics Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

Joy Organics USDA certified Broad Spectrum Tinctures are one of the most highly-rated products from Joy Organics with over 250 happy customer reviews.

Joy organics CBD oil bottle and box

It's great that Joy Organics realizes not everyone will have the same CBD needs. For this reason, their CBD Tinctures are available in a good selection of potencies which makes it easy to find the CBD per serving to best suit your needs.

These potencies are 15mg CBD per serving, 30mg CBD per serving, 45mg CBD per serving, and 75mg CBD per serving. Choose between a variety of delicious flavors, Tranquil Mint, Orange Bliss, Unflavored, and Summer Lemon.

The Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures (0.0% THC Free) are ideal for those who prefer an easy-to-use dropper or enjoy adding the Tinctures to drinks.

Joy Organics says this tincture may calm and reduce stress and encourage healthy sleep or regain balance for overall wellness.

Joy Organics CBD Gummies Review

Looking for an on-the-go CBD treat that will take the edge off and allow you to relax and unwind without losing focus, then Joy Organics CBD Gummies are precisely what you need.

Joy organics CBD gummies in strawberry lemonade

We love that these CBD gummies have no corn syrup. It is common for CBD gummies to be created with artificial or synthetic flavorings, which are not present in natural products. It's pleasing to see Joy Organics uses only all natural ingredients.

They are 0.0% THC Free, and also vegan that's available in two flavors: Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple. Each bottle contains 30 gummies and 10mg of broad spectrum CBD per gummy.

A person can take these gummies in the morning, afternoon, evening, or anytime you need them to take the edge off or want more focus.

Joy Organics CBD Softgels Review

Joy Organics softgels are their most effective products and it's most re-ordered product for joint and muscle pain, and stress support that lasts all day long.

Joy Organics CBD softgels container

The reason being is because they use what's called a nanoemulsion technology that decreases the particle size, transforming the premium hemp extract into a consistency more easily absorbed by the body.

This increased bioavailability means that you’ll see similar benefits that you normally would with a regular CBD product but with having to take a smaller serving size. For you, the consumer, this means you get more from less when using nano CBD.

What is bioavailability? Is the rate and degree at which CBD enters the bloodstream to produce an active effect.

Each CBD softgel are made with broad spectrum CBD oil, 0.0% THC Free, and can be customized depending on your CBD intake needs. These come in an easy-to-swallow format with two strength options including 10mg and 25mg per capsule and 30 per bottle.

If you are looking for convenience, accurate dosage, and fast, longer-lasting effective CBD results for any time of the day,  Joy Organics softgels are the perfect product for you.

Joy Organics Organic CBD Salve Review

Joy Organics CBD Salve is their best selling topical for muscle and joint relief that is effective as soon as the product is absorbed into the skin.

Joy Organics CBD salve jar

This salve is Certified USDA organic that are one of the few topicals on the market today that are actually organic certified.

The broad spectrum, premium grade CBD is mixed with organic beeswax and aromatic essential oils to create a calming, spa like experience, while helping to nourish dry cracked skin and restore muscle and joint health.

Joy Organics CBD Salve is a highly potent topical formula, with 500mg of CBD found within every ounce. If you're looking for very targeted support through topical application, this probably is the product for you.

Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats

Joy Organics CBD dog treats are one of the easiest ways help give man’s best friend joint and stress support. And this product is broad-spectrum to ensure no harmful levels of THC are ever present.

Joy Organics CBD dog treats container

We love that the Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats are full of beef flavor and they’re easy to digest. They contain only 2mg of CBD per treat.

These CBD dog treats are specially formulated to help give your dog the same support that humans receive from CBD.

Joy uses phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract in a water-soluble powder format, making absorption even greater.

While preliminary research and clinical trials have shown CBD can be helpful for dogs, larger studies are needed to fully grasp CBD’s effectiveness and safety on our best furry friends. 

We recommend talking to your vet before giving your dog CBD.

Joy Organics’ Other Products 

Joy Organics is an extremely large and impressive operation with many CBD product options.

Additional products include:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with THC
  • Full Spectrum CBD Softgels
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels with Melatonin & CBN for Sleep
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels with Curcumin
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • Organic CBD Salve Stick
  • CBD Cream
  • CBD Sports Cream
  • Organic CBD Tincture for Dogs, Cats & Pets (0.0% THC)
  • Premium CBD Salve Stick for Dogs, Cats and Pets

There are also several bundles available if you want to save some money. The brand even has a ‘We Made Too Much Page.’ There, Joy Organics offers some of its overstocked products at a discount price.

Why CBD Oil Won’t Work for Everyone

CBD does not work for everyone and there are several reasons why. Below, we provide explanations for five of the most common.

Low-Quality CBD Products

Sometimes, dishonest companies will try to make a quick buck by selling CBD or hemp oil made from poor quality ingredients or with very little CBD content in the products at all. Therefore, if CBD is doing nothing for you, it might be a case of the product not containing much CBD to begin with!

Dosage & Potency

One thing we do know about CBD is that it affects everyone differently and results will vary. Factors such as your age, weight, gender, lifestyle, general health, and the condition you want to treat all play a role in how it affects you.

So, your best bet is to begin with a low dose to see how CBD affects you. If you are not satisfied with the results, up the dosage accordingly until you reach your desired outcome. 

It helps to keep a journal recording what type of CBD product you took, how much, and your response to it. This will help you track what works and what doesn’t for your condition to reach the proper dose for you.

You Have Unintentionally Developed a Tolerance

There is a short list of why CBD isn't working for you, but developing a tolerance is probably the least likely. Nonetheless, if you are, like many average consumers taking between 30mg-120mg of CBD per day, and you notice a tolerance building, consider stopping your CBD use for one to two weeks.


Sometimes, a person’s genetic makeup may be preventing them from benefiting from certain cannabinoids, consequently why they may not have as positive a reaction as others.

You’re Not Being Patient! (Unrealistic Expectations)

Too many CBD users believe the hype and think CBD is a cure all. It's best you alter your expectations. For example, if you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety, don’t be disappointed if CBD doesn’t eliminate it completely.

It is far more likely that the CBD will reduce the severity of the pain or anxiety to a point where life is more enjoyable.

Not everyone will have immediate relief so don’t expect immediate results when using CBD; patience and consistency are key. Many of the possible effects, such as anti-inflammatory properties, may take weeks of daily use to notice.

CBD effects is not something that happens overnight. Be patient and wait until you finish a full CBD oil bottle, or use a CBD product daily for at least a month before judging its efficacy.

Joy Organics Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Joy Organics a good company?

Joy Organics has a trustworthy reputation because of its commitment to it's customers, transparency, USDA Certified Organic, and quality.

Is Joy Organics CBD full-spectrum?

Yes. Joy Organics sells full-spectrum CBD Tinctures with THC, and Full Spectrum CBD Softgels.

Where is Joy organics hemp grown?

Joy Organics hemp is grown on USDA certified organic farms in the United States. They have a 20,000 square foot facility for production in Fort Collins Colorado and is registered with the FDA, and follows cGMP.

Final Thoughts on Joy Organics

If you want high quality CBD products that work, than Joy Organics is definitely the brand for you. The CBD products are being made safely and the quality is beyond question.

Joy Organics conducts extremely detailed testing, and it is now regarded as one of the most trustworthy CBD brands in the industry. You can check out the results of third-party lab testing, which are available on each product page of the website.

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