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Written by The Hemp Jubilation Team

Last Updated On: March 24, 2023

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Our reviewed content is based on thorough research and we do our best to personally test products whenever possible. Here's our process.

CBDfx for dogs is a natural product made with simple non-toxic ingredients that you can feel good about giving to your beloved dog, pet CBD oil is a natural way to help your furry friends enjoy the same lifestyle benefits from CBD that humans experience!

These pet products come in four concentrations, so your dog can get just the right serving for their size.

Sizes included 250mg for small breeds, 500mg for medium breeds, 1000mg for large breeds, and 2000mg extra strength.

The brand also offers dog treat formulas for stress and anxiety, as well as joint and mobility — plus a calming and moisturizing CBD balm for dry and cracked skin.

Featuring “human-grade” ingredients, CBDFx produces some of the finest CBD products for pets that money can buy.

As a dog owner myself, I know most pet owners want to protect their pets. You don’t want them to be scared.

You don’t want them to hurt. You don’t want them to suffer in any way. Because of this, you are considering CBD for your dog.

However before you purchase CBD for your dog, you might want to know if CBD is safe for them.

Read our CBDfx for dogs article to find out if the products deliver the best results and more importantly are safe for your pet.

CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets - Natural Bacon Flavor

Product Description & Review

The pet oil is organic, vegan CBD oil for dogs giving your pet all the benefits to enjoy from CBD oil, including calming properties, enhanced wellness, pain relief, and more!

CBDfx For Dogs, CBD Oil Bacon Flavor.

See how CBDfx compares to other CBD oils for dogs in our review of the best CBD oil for dogs.

CBDfx never uses any cheap fillers or additives. You can trust that its Pet Tincture is clean because they test them with an independent laboratory, and post their reports publicly on the product page so you can review them yourself!

So that you can rest assured that when you buy a CBDfx CBD product for your dog, it will be as potent as they claim on the label and absolutely the purest, safest CBD pet product you can purchase. 

We appreciate the CBDfx Pet Tincture is very tasty to dogs as we have personally seen our dog take it very easily.

Knowing that the products are organically derived from hemp plants grown at its state-of-the-art US partner farms and have been batch tested by a third party to prove their safety and knowing it's solvent-free gives peace of mind.

Designed to deliver just the right amount of soothing, therapeutic CBD to your dog, this CBD oil product is easy to administer and delivers long-lasting effects.

This CBD Dog Tincture is naturally bacon-flavored to appeal to even the pickiest pup palate.

There are a few different ways to administer pet CBD oil, whether you choose to give it to them directly from the dropper or add it to their favorite food is entirely up to you.

Customer Reviews

CBDfx for dogs has received a ton of positive feedback from customers on its official website with customers praising their quality, fast shipping, very effective, and great products and services.

CBDfx CBD Dog Treats for Stress & Anxiety

Product Description & Review

CBDfx CBD Pet Treats for Stress and Anxiety could be of benefit in helping our furry companions to relax during stressful situations and live a more relaxing and calm lifestyle.

CBDfx CBD Dog Treats for Stress & Anxiety with Soothing botanical extracts.

These all-natural, vegan CBD dog biscuits with calming extracts of chamomile, passion flower & valerian root, plus mood-boosting L-tryptophan & GABA are perfect for settling nerves and easing stress, which can lead to more harmful anxiety.

We love these natural sweet-potato flavoring dog treats that are all-natural, organic, soy-free, non-GMO, human-grade, and vegan, knowing your dog is getting only the finest ingredients, both in purity and potency are important.

Directions for Best Results

If you’re concerned about how the CBD treat might affect your dog (particularly if you have a smaller dog), break the dog biscuit in half for the first serving and see how your dog reacts to CBD.

If it appears that your dog is not getting all of the calming benefits of their CBD treat, then bump the serving up to a full dog biscuit the next day.

Take note of this product should only be used on adult dogs.

Customer Reviews

CBDfx CBD dog treats for Stress & Anxiety have received positive feedback from customers on its official website with customers saying My dog loves them, notice a huge difference in our dog, and my senior dog’s quality of life has improved so much.

CBDfx CBD Dog Treats for Muscle & Joint

Product Description & Review

CBDfx CBD Pet Treats for Muscle & Joint could be of benefit in helping relieve aches and pains your dog may be experiencing. These CBD dog treats can be just the thing to get your dog up and moving again and help your dog live a happier, more comfortable life.

These all-natural, vegan CBD dog biscuits with nutraceuticals glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin sulfate for added joint health are perfect for easing discomfort and joint pain.

CBDfx CBD Pet Treats for Muscle & Joint are broad-spectrum CBD that contains a variety of effective, natural, human-grade ingredients and the added benefits of powerful antioxidants — blueberry, spinach, and parsley, plus the anti-inflammatory superfood turmeric, and other ingredients to support joint health.

Customer Reviews

CBDfx CBD dog treats for Muscle & Joint have received positive feedback from customers on its official website with customers saying within a week there were undeniable improvements in her mobility, Help my old Labrador to keep walking, My dog has shown improvement in her mobility. I saw her go down a flight of stairs for the first time in almost a year!!

Finding The Best CBD For Dogs Products

Because the CBD market isn't well regulated yet the quality of those products may be in question and contain ingredients that aren't listed on their labels -- including THC, which is known to be toxic to cats and dogs.

One way to avoid potentially harmful ingredients is to only use products that come with a certificate of analysis, or COA (the batch number on the COA should match the number on the product's label or packaging).

A COA is issued when an independent lab tests the product to confirm its ingredients and potency, among other things.

For example, if there are residues from pesticides or from when the product was formulated, you’ll find out in a lab report.

If your CBD brand doesn’t offer a third-party lab report, you should consider looking for a more reputable company.

The second best place to start is with organic products. By choosing organic products, you’re ensuring that your CBD product isn’t weakened by synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Most people say that organic products work better, and when it comes to your canine loved one, you should only settle for the best.

CBD For Dogs: Scientific Research

Recent research is providing more data about the benefits, safety, and efficacy of CBD in pets. It has shown some potential.

  • A 2021 study of shelter dogs found that CBD reduced aggressive behavior towards humans, although the effect was not statistically significant. However, more research is worth doing because the potential for improving the welfare of dogs in shelters is priceless.
  • A 2021 study of dog immune cells found that CBD had anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating effects.
  • In a 2020 study, CBD led to improvements in quality of life in dogs with osteoarthritis, whereas the placebo had no significant effect.
  • A 2019 study of dogs with difficult-to-treat epilepsy found that CBD in combination with antiepileptic medicine significantly reduced seizure frequency compared with the placebo group.
  • CBD showed anti-cancer effects against canine cancer in a 2020 study.
  • A 2019 study of 2,130 American veterinarians reported that 82.2% approved or strongly approved the medical use of CBD/hemp products for dogs. CBD was most commonly discussed by vets or pet owners for helping with pain, anxiety, seizures, storm or fireworks-related phobias.

All in all, it’s pretty clear that CBD has many of the same potential benefits for dogs as for humans. But research is still limited and in its early stages and more evidence is needed.

Possible Side Effects of CBD in Dogs

While there’s no scientific data on the side effects of CBD usage for dogs, there are potential side effects based on how CBD affects humans.

Any medication or supplement carries the risk of a reaction. It is always advisable, when giving your dog something new, to start out with small amounts and then closely monitor the effects.

And always check with your veterinarian first.

  • Dry mouth: Research has shown that CBD can decrease the production of saliva. For dogs, this would manifest as increased thirst.
  • Lowered blood pressure: High doses of CBD have been known to cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. Even though the drop is small, it might create a brief feeling of light-headedness.
  • Drowsiness: Dog owners have used CBD to treat anxiety. The calming effect of CBD can also cause slight drowsiness, especially when using higher doses.
  • CBD could also cause dangerous interactions with pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by a vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog be given CBD daily?

CBD for dogs can be administered daily or as needed. Read the CBD instructions for dosing information and recommended doses per day. But, it is always advisable, when giving your dog something new, to start out with small amounts and then closely monitor the effects.

What are the pros and cons of CBD for dogs?

A few pros include the majority of veterinarians agree that CBD helps dogs. Studies about CBD use in pets have had positive results, although studies are limited. Many dog owners report success in treating their animals with CBD.

A couple of cons are CBD pet products are unregulated. There isn't enough scientific evidence to support giving CBD to dogs. CBD could also cause dangerous interactions with pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by a vet.

Can my veterinarian prescribe CBD oil for my dog?

According to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, a veterinarian cannot prescribe your dog CBD. Laws are changing rapidly, so some individual state laws and licensing boards may allow veterinarians to recommend and/or administer hemp.

Final Thoughts

As one of the few CBD oil companies that approach their products for pets with the same dedication spent on their high-quality CBD products for humans, CBDFx is a reputable brand of pet CBD.

Offers affordable prices, human-grade ingredients, highest quality ingredients, and all-natural and vegan too. CBDfx is one of the better CBD products for dogs provider.

CBD can potentially help with a range of different illnesses and problems. CBDfx makes many CBD products, which makes it easier to choose the right option for your dog.

My dog happens to be extremely picky. Therefore, the flavored tinctures really made our life easier.

We wouldn’t recommend CBD to treat serious problems that require prescription medication. CBD is not a prescription-strength medication and shouldn’t be used to treat your canine unless directed by your vet. Instead, CBD is better for minor anxiety and some chronic illnesses, like joint pain.

CBDfx claims that its products can help with a wide range of illnesses. However, keep in mind that research is still limited and in its early stages and more evidence is needed for effectiveness and safety.

Hemp Jubilation Team

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We have been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and have tried and reviewed dozens of CBD products. We are knowledgeable about the popular CBD brands and products, the CBD industry as well as the science and research behind this popular natural remedy.

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