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Written by The Hemp Jubilation Team

Updated on: September 28, 2022

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here's our process.

Having acute pain can produce anxiety and emotional distress in the lives of individuals, affect their general well-being negatively, and also inhibit their ability to perform daily family activities.

While chronic pain is not easy to live with and impacts nearly every facet of daily life. Without the ability to effectively manage pain, many people find themselves unable to work, enjoy hobbies or a social life or even take care of their basic needs causing anxiety and depression, and reduced quality of life overall.

Unfortunately, effective pain management doesn’t work the same for everyone. For some people, traditional pain medications simply don’t work well while others can’t take them.

And frequently taking over-the-counter painkillers come with its own serious risks, like gastric ulcers, heart toxicity, and kidney disease.

More and more people are searching for all-natural, effective, and safer alternatives to nonaddictive ways to alleviate pain.

That's where CBD comes in because the role of CBD in pain management continues to evolve, and evidence from a recent survey has shown that CBD reported positive outcomes when used for multiple different conditions.

The Best CBD Oil For Pain Options Quick Links

CBD oil is a natural remedy for pain, without severe side effects to help you start living a consistent improvement in your quality of life and quality of sleep. 

But to get the most effective CBD for pain relief, it’s important to choose the right product made with the best practices. To ensure your CBD oil meets your needs and is of the highest quality and more importantly safe, we’ve created this list of the best CBD oil for pain relief.

The Best CBD Oil for Pain - Top 6 Products

Relieving pain naturally can help you return to your everyday life without the severe side effects that other prescribed medications may cause. And the best CBD oil for pain products below may help manage your pain, whether you have been feeling it for a long time or more recently.

Best THC-Free CBD Oil For Pain

1. Zatural Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

Zatural is a family-owned and run business started by Maryann Stanger, a naturopathic doctor. Stanger’s keen understanding of natural alternatives helped her create hemp products from the finest all-natural ingredients without harsh chemicals, fillers, or additives.

Best CBD Oil For Pain, Zatural Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops, 300mg CBD Per Bottle, 10mg CBD Pe Serving, USA Grown Professional Grade, 1-fluid ounce bottle.

Available for $27.50 to $360.00 from Zatural

A Little About Zatural

Starting in 2018, Zatural has built quite a reputation for lean sourcing, charity, and innovative practices.

Having a naturopathic doctor who formulates all its CBD products you can rest assured that you are receiving professional-grade ingredients and formulas that work.

Zatural offers a High-Quality Broad Spectrum CBD oil with a base of Hemp Seed Oil to provide the full cannabis plant experience with no other additives or fillers like MCT or olive oil.

And have had the THC removed, making them one of the best THC-free CBD oils for pain.

About Zaturals' CBD Oil For Pain

There is an assorted range of potencies from 300mg up to 12,000mg! Along with several natural flavors to choose from, including natural flavor, sweet natural, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and lemon-lime.

It also comes in three bottle sizes to choose from, including 1 ounce, 2 ounces, and 4 ounces.

Zatural uses Professional Grade USA organically grown hemp that's 100% pure broad-spectrum, THC free CBD Hemp oil, no artificial colors or flavors, no fillers, and no additives. So, you won't find a more pure or potent CBD product at a better price.

The company offers military and senior discounts to help make its products even more affordable to these populations.

They also offer a subscription plan with repeat delivery options of 1, 2, 3, or 4 months and save 10% off your order. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

And they have a 30-day return policy along with free shipping on all USA orders $5+.


  • Hemp seed oil as a carrier oil
  • May help with pain relief
  • Have won various awards for their products
  • Fair pricing
  • Discounts for military and older adults


  • High CBD variance in products
  • No batch number or ID on the product lab reports, the IDs are critical to note so that you can reference them for specifics about your product 
  • Not certified organic

What Customers Say:

Zatural has a wide range of affordable products that most reviewers seem to really love and almost all say that they work great, have incredible quality products from a trusted company, are cost-efficient, and have great customer service.

Some not-so-positive reviewers say the taste is overwhelming, leaves a bitter aftertaste, too early to tell if it's working.

Who Is Zaturals' Products Best For?

Zaturals' products are ideal for those experiencing arthritic pain or all kinds of aches and pains in the body and who want to try CBD without having any THC.

Best for Joint Pain

2. Plant People Drops+ Relief CBD Oil

Plant People delivers vegan, non-GMO, USDA organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, FDA registered, Dr. Formulated, Clinical-Grade powerful CBD products.

Plant People Drops+ Relief CBD Oil, Unflavored, 720mg CBD Per 1-fluid ounce bottle.

Available for $49.99 to $119.00 from Plant People - Subscribe and save 15% plus free shipping

A Little About Plant People

Plant People is a New York-based CBD brand that was established in 2017. The company offers a line of full-spectrum CBD products made from Colorado-grown hemp.

The brand also works with doctors and scientists to make evidence-based products that bring customers the relief they need. 

What makes them stand out as a reputable brand is with every order, they plant a tree by partnering with American Forests and Trees for the Future.org.

They also post the yearly Climate Impact Report directly on their website so you can see exactly how much of a positive impact they’ve had on the environment.

I really like this and wish more companies would do the same.

About Plant Peoples' CBD Oil Drops+ Relief For Pain

Available in a few strength options: 315mg 10.5mg per serving, 630mg 21mg per serving, and 1500mg 50mg per serving. Though the drops are unflavored, they do have a pleasant taste.

This oil is a full spectrum hemp extract, high in CBD and CBG, with Turmeric, Ginger, Black pepper, and other synergistic botanical extracts.

Turmeric extract is said to be a powerful compound for inflammation and immune response. And Ginger may help manage pain due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

And here are the terpenes that are helpful for joint pain relief:

  • Limonene - the therapeutic benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Alpha-Pinene -the therapeutic benefits are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective
  • Myrcene - the therapeutic benefits are anti-inflammatory effect, in addition to possible anti-tumor, and other health benefits

All of their hemp extracts are sourced from organic farms in Colorado. And According to their 3rd party test results available on the product page, all of their products have passed their potency, heavy metal, residual solvents, pesticides, additive, and pathogen tests. 

Created to relieve daily discomfort, this full-spectrum hemp extract is said to aid in inflammation and soothe daily aches and pains, and muscle recovery by supporting circulation and cell function.

The company offers a special Veterans discount for those who have served as a member of the United States military.

They also offer a subscription plan with repeat delivery options of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days, free shipping, and save 15% off your order. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

Plant People offers a great 60-day refund policy and free shipping on all USA orders $60+.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • USDA Organic
  • Chemical-free and absolutely pure plant extracts 
  • FDA registered
  • One tree is planted for every product sold


  • Third-party lab reports appear outdated 

What Customers Say:

The majority of reviewers say they love the products, pricing and quality are excellent, great customer service and fast shipping.

The not-so-positive reviews are mostly about the taste being too strong and a few saying they don’t really feel anything yet.

Who Is Plant Peoples' Products Best For?

Plant People's products are ideal for those looking for research-backed ingredients combined with CBD that target inflammation and boost immunity and ease joint tension and help improve mobility.

Best Veteran Owned CBD Brand

3. Extract Labs Relief Formula CBC & CBD Tincture

Extract Labs is a safe, reputable and veteran-owned CBD company based in Boulder, Colorado. They offer quality, top-shelf CBD products at prices that are among the most affordable in the industry.

Extract Labs Relief Formula CBC & CBD Tincture, 600mg CBC, 1800mg CBD Per Bottle, 20mg CBC Per Serving, 60mg CBD Per Serving, 1-fluid ounce bottle.

Available for $109.00 from Extract Labs - Subscribe and save 25%

A Little About Extract Labs

Extract Labs is a Colorado-based company that was founded in 2016 that specializes in CBD extracts and products.

Created by combat veteran and cannabis grower and processor, Craig Henderson, Extract Labs has quickly become one of the leading names in the CBD industry.

Thanks to their commitment to quality and innovation, Extract Labs has developed a reputation for producing some of the best CBD products on the market.

From their award-winning CBD tinctures to their powerful CBD topicals, they have something for everyone.

About Extract Labs Relief Formula CBC & CBD Tincture

Extract Labs full spectrum CBC Tincture contains a 1:3 ratio of 600 milligrams of CBC to 1800 milligrams of CBD and include less than 0.3 percent THC. This relief formula is crafted in-house by its expert team of scientists.

This Relief Tincture is specially formulated to ease bodily aches & pains, helping you feel good throughout the day.

And the tincture features naturally occurring ingredients with no harmful chemicals, additives, or artificial compounds. Each product is made from high-grade, American hemp that has been Organically-grown in Colorado and Kentucky.

One thing that stands out about this brand is occasionally, a CBD vetting company will have Extract Labs products tested by multiple 3rd-party labs, and guess what they find?

They have been awarded the highest standards for perfect scores. One company (CBD Examine) went so far as to detail that per cannabinoid volume, its tinctures are the best quality and value on the market.

This brand is committed to making CBD products more affordable to veterans, first responders, health care workers, teachers, disabled individuals, and those with low income. They offer a 50% discount to those who qualify as part of their CBD Assistance Program.

Extract Labs offers a considerable 60-day refund policy and free shipping on all USA orders $50+.


  • The formula provides a high dose of CBC and CBD in each serving
  • Crafted in-house by its expert team of scientists
  • Great for those with chronic pain, discomfort
  • Great discounts for veterans, active military, teachers, first responders, healthcare workers, people with long-term disabilities, and low-income individuals
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Nothing bad here

What Customers Say:

Extract Labs reviews by real users are raving about the quality, great pricing and they say “a level of customer service unheard of in this day and age.” As far as not so positive reviews, there are none.

Who Is Extract Labs Products Best For?

Extract Labs is ideal for those with chronic pain or discomfort, these products are truly transformative. With super-high concentrations of CBC and CBD and quick onset of effects, these products get to work rapidly and effectively.

Use code “GET15” for 15% off at checkout.

Best For Relief From Inflammatory Pain

4. NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals specializes in a whole-plant extract containing a full-spectrum CBD oil made from high-grade, organically-grown hemp extract. 

NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Best For Relief From Inflammatory Pain.

Read our full NuLeaf Naturals Review here

Available for $19 to $249 from NuLeaf Naturals

A Little About NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is a highly reputable brand that began in 2014 in Colorado and is laser-focused on high potency, high-quality CBD.

All of their products are made from whole-plant hemp extracts with the natural balance of cannabinoids and terpenes from the source plant.

While other companies may have more variety in their line of CBD products, NuLeaf has been focused on producing what are known as some of the best CBD tinctures on the market.

About NuLeafs' CBD Oil For Pain

The CBD oils are available in a variety of bottle sizes ranging from 300mg of CBD in a 5ml bottle to 6000mg of CBD in a 100ml bottle. All bottles have the same high-potency formulation with 30mg of CBD per serving.

Based on independent lab test results, NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils have an impressive array of cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBG, CBC and CBDA.

They also have an abundance of terpenes including beta-caryophyllene. Researchers found positive effects in hemp strains rich in caryophyllene seem better at pain reduction and help with painful inflammations.

Along with all products are free of pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

The brand has magnificent assistance programs for veterans, first responders, health care workers, teachers and students, non-profit groups and organizations, disabled individuals and those with low income.

They also offer a subscription plan with repeat delivery options of every 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks and save 10% off your order. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

NuLeaf Naturals offers a 30-day refund policy and free shipping on all USA orders.


  • All tinctures are high-potency
  • Noticeably higher quality and better natural taste than most of the other full spectrum tinctures on the market
  • Has minor cannabinoids CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, and THC (less than 0.3%)
  • Over 24,000 positive reviews to back up the efficacy of its products


  • Some users dislike the “earthy” taste of natural drops and NuLeaf does not offer flavor options

What Customers Say:

Nuleaf Naturals reviews by real users and there are thousands of them on the company’s website — say that these help with pain and stiffness, anxiety, and also help them achieve a good night's sleep, it's the best quality, customer service is great, shipments are on time.

There are a handful of reviews that are not positive with complaints about the price.

Who Is NuLeaf Naturals Products Best For?

NuLeaf Naturals products are ideal for those experiencing chronic pain and inflammation, such as joint pain, Neuropathy pain, pain and inflammation due to arthritis, and sciatica as well as those seeking relief from acute injuries.

Use coupon code "HempJubilation" for 20% off at checkout.

Most Powerful CBD Oil For Pain

5. Five CBD Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil

Five CBD is a unique brand that offers a true full-spectrum CBD product packed with everything that makes hemp authentic. 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC, CBN, and CBC. (5 parts CBD to 1 part minor cannabinoids). All Five CBD products are made in the USA from authentic U.S. grown hemp.

Five CBD Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil, Citrus Flavor, 50mg CBD and 2mg THC per serving in a 1-fluid ounce (30 ml)bottle

Available for $49.99 to $174.99 from Five CBD - Subscribe and save 30%

A Little About Five CBD

The Five CBD brand was launched in 2014 to address two issues in the marketplace: quality and price.

To them, quality is the most important aspect of its products. Their direct-to-consumer model allows Five to keep prices low.

The greatest differentiator between Five and everyone else in the CBD industry at the moment is what they call their “fully powered full-spectrum” formulation.

Its fully powered full-spectrum” formulation is to maintain a 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor hemp compounds (terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) in all formulations.

By sticking to this unconventionally high ratio of minor compounds to CBD, Five is leveraging the entourage effect (strength-boosting action of multiple hemp compounds working together) for greater absorption, potency, and enhanced effectiveness.

About Five CBD Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil

CBD oil from Five CBD is offered in a variety of combinations. You get the choice of three different concentrations. The 1500mg tincture contains 50mg of CBD and 2mg THC per serving.

The 3000mg formula contains 100mg CBD and 2mg THC per serving and the 6000mg formula also contains 100mg of CBD and 2mg THC per serving.

The difference between the 3000 and 6000 formula is that the 6000mg formula has a total of 2 fl. Ounces as opposed to 1 ounce. But the concentration is the same in both of these.

You also get the choice of two tasty flavors: Citrus and Mint Chocolate.

What makes Five CBD products stand out is they take an additional step to ensure all their oils share identical cannabinoid ratios so there shouldn’t be any surprises in how effective your bottle of oil is going to be every time.

All Five CBD products are CGMP (Certified Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and U.S. Hemp Authority-Certified, 100% Natural, as well as Third-party Lab Tested. In other words, these products are about as natural, effective, and genuine as CBD products get.

The brand offers an admirable Veteran program for Veterans, First Responders, and all Health Care Workers. Take 40% Off Your Entire Order.

They also offer a subscription plan with repeat delivery options of every 30 days and save 30% off your entire order. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

Five CBD offers a 30-day refund policy and free shipping on all USA orders excluding chocolates.


  • Strong, well-balanced full-spectrum extract rich in CBD and supporting compounds
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team
  • The product line is sourced from some of the best hemp farms in the US
  • Quick, potent results
  • Has some of the lowest prices for full spectrum products on the market


  • Strong hemp flavor

What Customers Say:

It seems that customers have great things to say about Five CBD in their reviews, like love it, great customer service, cannot say enough wonderful things about this five CBD tincture.

There are a couple of reviews that are not so positive saying just okay, doesn't taste good at all.

Who Is Five CBD Products Best For?

If you’re looking for a strong CBD oil that’s going to get the job done, this is the oil for you. This is a wonderful option for anyone needing more serious support.

Use coupon code "HEMPJUBILATION" for 15% off at checkout.

Best Raw CBD Oil

6. Endoca Raw CBD Oil 150MG CBD+

Endoca raw full-spectrum formula contains all the goodness you’d want from a CBD product because it's made using a special innovative extraction process with no chemicals, providing the best method for maintaining the whole plant properties.

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 150MG CBD+, 1500mg CBD Plus CBDa, Natural Flavor, 10ml (0.33-fluid ounce bottle).

Available for $26 to 246 from Endoca

A Little About Endoca

Founded in 2010, Endoca was one of the world's first CBD oil companies to start selling CBD products online.

Endoca is the culmination of years of research by Dr. Henry Vincenty, who started working with CBD while trying to find natural solutions that could help provide relief to those in need without harmful side effects.

About Endoca Raw CBD Oil 150MG CBD+

What we think makes Endoca special is that they offer raw CBD oils. This means the extracts have not been decarboxylated or heated and contain a combination of both CBD and CBDa. This is the only company we’ve seen as of yet that provides both the raw and decarboxylated versions of their oil.

This unique formula also contains other cannabinoids in their raw state, plus vital omegas, vitamins, and minerals that are normally lost when heated.

Research suggests that CBDA is more bioavailable than CBD. This means that the body can process it and metabolize it quicker and more easily. So not only does it work better, it works faster.

CBDa research is still limited, however, studies show it has great potential for conditions such as pain.

Of course, you want to be sure what they get is what you see on the label. By employing GMP-certified standards and rigorous laboratory testing, Endoca can ensure consistent potency and purity in every bottle.

They also employ a team of scientists, herbalists, and nutritionists who formulate their organic hemp oil extracts to the highest standards of good manufacturing practices.

The brand offers the Endoca Foundation Access Program that's available for low-income households, individuals with long-term disabilities, and veterans. Those who qualify will receive 50% off purchases made through the Endoca online official website.

Endoca offers a 30-day refund policy and free shipping on all USA orders over $74.


  • Holds the highest standards of manufacturing and is highly trustworthy
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Packaged in Recyclable containers
  • Certified Organic
  • Cruelty-free


  • Endoca rarely have offers or discounts on their products

What Customers Say:

It seems that customers have remarkable things to say about Endoca in their reviews, like love this product, the quality is amazing and the result was positively noticeable from everyone around them. An excellent resource for chronic pain.

The various offers make it affordable when using for the long term. And the customer service and delivery were superb. A few complaints about the taste and delivery cost.

Who Is Endoca Products Best For?

Endoca products are ideal for people with pain conditions looking for the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, very pure, potent CBD oil that actually tastes very nice too.

What the Science Says: Studies on CBD & Pain

While there’s still a lot to learn about CBD, there are several clinical trials and research studies that have found that cannabinoids (CBD and THC, CBG, CBC, CBN) may play a crucial role in difficult to treat, neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, migraines, arthritis pain, chronic, and acute pain management.

Here are some of the studies that are worth calling attention to that show the amazing role that CBD plays in reducing pain and minimizing its intensity.

  • One Cannabinoids and Pain 2018 study evaluated how well CBD works to relieve chronic pain. The review looked at studies conducted between 1975 and 2018. These studies examined various types of pain, including: fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain. Based on these studies, researchers concluded that CBD was effective in the treatment of chronic pain in adults and didn’t cause negative side effects.
  • A 2018 generalized study, found that there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that cannabinoids are beneficial for pain and inflammation and that CBD will most likely become part of future developments in pharmaceutical and technological sciences.
  • A more recent 2020 study has found that CBD can help relieve chronic pain, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation in some circumstances.

While there is still a lot more to learn about CBD, the future looks promising with dozens of studies and trials thus far showing that CBD oil and other CBD products may be effective in treating pain and inflammation for short and long-term relief.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

One of the most common questions is how to use CBD oil for pain and what dosage should new users take. Since CBD oil is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it can be difficult to nail down exactly what the best-recommended dose will be.

Decide if you want to take an unflavored or flavored tincture? Flavored tinctures are easier on the taste buds, while unflavored tinctures tend to be an acquired taste for some of us.

Now it’s time to figure out your dosage. It’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. This could mean starting with 10 to 30mg a day. After a week or so, increase this amount by 5mg. Continue this until you feel that it’s effectively treating your pain. Plus, this way you can use as little CBD as is needed.

Because if you feel that your pain is bearable at a lower dosage or with less frequent use, there’s no need to use more CBD. This is how you can stretch your supply to last longer and save money.

Fill up the dropper with your desired oil dosage then squeeze the oil under your tongue but do not swallow. Allow the oil to sit under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow the CBD oil.

For best results, never take CBD oil on an empty stomach. We suggest scheduling your CBD servings with your eating schedule in mind. A study by a team of researchers found the active effect of a cannabinoid product was four times higher when taken after a meal.

The best types of foods to eat before taking CBD oil are fatty acids. Foods like Meat, Eggs, Fish, Nuts, and Avocado.

Establish a routine to understand how your body responds to CBD oil. While most people take their dosage in a single serving, you could try splitting your dosage into two or more servings throughout the day to find what's best for you.

Finding what's right for you requires patience and experimentation. CBD doesn't behave the same for everyone. But once you do find what works for you, repeat that every day to develop a consistent routine that your body can rely on. One thing our bodies thrive on is regularity.

And be sure to properly store your CBD oil products. Heat, light, and humidity can deteriorate your CBD. So keep your CBD somewhere cool, dark, dry, and secure (away from kids and pets!).

How We Chose These Products 

This list of the best CBD oils for pain was compiled based on customer personal experiences with the products, customer reviews, and in-depth research into hemp sources, potency, price, and third-party lab testing. All of the oils we recommend are high-quality and meet strict purity and safety standards.

Plus, none of the CBD Companies listed above have received any warning letters from the FDA cited for Misbranding. Additionally, the letters cite substandard manufacturing practices, including failure to comply with current good manufacturing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil For Pain

What do I need to know about CBD for pain?

Many people are finding that CBD can be a good addition to their pain care plan. In fact, research shows that of the 63% of people who use CBD for a medical condition, the majority are treating chronic pain, arthritis, and joint pain.

Does CBD actually reduce pain?

While there aren't any published clinical trials on CBD and pain. However, ongoing preclinical studies in animals have demonstrated that CBD reduces pain and inflammation, and studies of CBD in humans show that it is well-tolerated and has few negative side effects.

Is CBD better than ibuprofen?

Today, research is starting to look at the interaction between cannabinoids. CBD is a compound found in cannabis. There are hundreds of such compounds, which are termed cannabinoids, and their anti-inflammatory effects on the body, confirming CBD as a powerful alternative to NSAIDs like ibuprofen.

Final Thoughts On Best CBD Oil For Pain

Our list of the best CBD oil for pain is by no means a comprehensive list of every safe and reputable CBD brand on the market.

Nevertheless, it is a list of reputable brands with transparent third-party lab testing publicly available on their website, clean hemp sources, affordable pricing, and excellent track records with their customers—so you can trust that you’re getting the highest-quality, best CBD oil for pain out there.

Just as important though, is that many users of all age ranges, including elderly people, have experienced tons of success using CBD oil for pain management and pain relief. The brand's positive reviews are confirmation of that.

However, it is worth noting that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate CBD like drugs and supplements. If you have a medical condition, or if you take prescription medications, talk to your doctor before trying CBD oil. CBD does interact with certain medicines, particularly those with a grapefruit warning.

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