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Written by The Hemp Jubilation Team

Updated on: October 24, 2022

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here's our process.

In this best CBD oil for anxiety guide, you’ll learn all about the eight most reputable CBD brands for anxiety relief on the market today and everything you need to know about properly using CBD oil for anxiety and more.

Overview about CBD for anxiety:

If you're struggling with intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations and need a way to relax, CBD oil may be able to help. 

One of the most studied and scientifically supported benefits of CBD is its ability to calm the mind and help us deal with stress and anxiety.

Overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when administered acutely.

And because women may experience frequent shifts in hormone levels throughout their adult lives through PMS or Menopause, that can cause stress, anxiety, and discomfort.

If you are a woman and this pertains to you? Checkout our CBD For Women – Made By Women Exclusively For Women article to find the best CBD For PMS Relief and Menopausal Symptoms.

Quick Access

CBD Terminology

Terpenes are pungent compounds that plants produce to repel pests and attract pollinators. CBD terpenes have potential therapeutic benefits and therefore can enhance CBD oil's therapeutic effects.

Flavonoids: In plants, flavonoids attract pollinating insects (bees and butterflies), combat environmental stresses, and regulate cell growth. Studies show that certain flavonoids are about 30 times more effective at relieving inflammation than Aspirin.

Full Spectrum products contain all terpenes and cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, including up to 0.3% THC. Many users prefer full spectrum products, as they are often associated with the “entourage effect”—multiple cannabinoids working synergistically together.

Broad Spectrum products include a blend of the plant's naturally occurring cannabinoids but contain 0% THC. Broad spectrum tends to be a popular favorite among users, as these products contain a variety of other cannabinoids without THC.

Isolate refers to a singular cannabinoid profile contained in a product. Isolate is strictly one cannabinoid such as CBD, CBG, or CBN. Isolate is completely THC free and does not include any other cannabinoids or additional hemp compounds.

Best CBD Oil For Anxiety Of 2023

We get it, the CBD industry is growing rapidly and purchasing products can be confusing and stressful.

Luckily we have recommendations for the best CBD Oils for anxiety available on today’s market to make you feel confident in your purchase. This is the way it should be, why not give one of our product reviews a shot?

1. Best CBD Oil For Anxiety: Medterra CBD True Full Spectrum™ CBD Oil + 2mg of THC

Brand & Product Description:

When conducting our product research, we came across an interesting article from the University of Washington that states that THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses.

And CBD appears to decrease anxiety at all doses that have been tested. The best CBD products for anxiety include some low levels of THC.

While that may not be suitable for everyone, we couldn’t in good conscience ignore the evidence.

Medterra CBD places a premium on providing customers with high-quality, pure, potent, and safe products.

Being Developed by Medical Professionals and having more than 1,025,178 people trust them makes them one of the better brands to shop for.

Best CBD Oil For Anxiety, Medterra CBD True Full Spectrum™.

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Concentration: from 750 to 6000mg
Potency: from 50 to 100mg per serving
Price: from $34.99 to $174.00
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This CBD will bring you comfort and calm when you need it most. With an industry-leading 5:1 ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids, including up to 2mg of THC per serving (less than the legal limit of 0.3% by weight).

The full spectrum CBD will help you experience deeper relaxation, maintain balance, and enrich sleep. Available in two delicious flavors, Citrus & Mint Chocolate. And four strength options: 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg of CBD per bottle.

All of Medterras' products are made from organically grown hemp in the USA and are third-party tested to confirm the accuracy and ensure THC levels are below the legal limit of .3% THC (by weight).

What we like

  • Full range of the hemp plant, including THC to bring you enhanced relaxation
  • Perfect for diving into a deeper CBD experience
  • Enhanced effects
  • Made from organically grown hemp in the USA
  • Delivers high-quality CBD products at an affordable price

What we don't like

  • Some negative reviews. Few people had issues with products not arriving and a lack of response to complaints and unhelpful customer service
  • No CBD Assistance programs 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer review: I suffer from anxiety and this product allows me to get through the day. I highly recommend it as a part of any natural self-treatment plan, for those who refuse to take pharmaceuticals with heavy side effects.

I always feel better after a nice dropper full in the morning and the evening.

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2. Most Potent CBD Oil: CBDfx CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture

Brand & Product Description:

We also came across a CBN Explained: How This Cannabinoid Can Lead to Better Sleep that states CBN has been studied significantly less than CBD for potential anxiety benefits.

However, CBN may have health benefits for anxiety and insomnia. Unlike some pharmaceutical drugs used to treat these conditions, CBN is believed to be nonaddictive and has a significantly better safety profile.

CBDfx is a top-rated CBD brand that is well known for providing Medically reviewed, high-quality products with verified potency and consistency.

Most Potent CBD Oil, CBDfx CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture.

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Concentration: from 1000 to 6000mg
Potency: from 33mg CBD and 5mg CBN to 100mg CBD and 5mg CBN per serving
Price: from $69.99 to $179.99

The CBDfx CBD + CBN Calming Tincture is another one of our top picks as the best CBD oil for stress and anxiety.

The company’s latest CBD oil, the Calming Tincture, combines two of the more powerful cannabinoids of the hemp plant, CBD and CBN, another cannabinoid known for helping to promote relaxation and a sense of calm.

To cater to your needs, tolerance, and preference, CBDfx's Calming Tinctures are available in a variety of strengths from regular strength (500mg), extra strength (1000mg), maximum strength (2000mg), maximum strength plus (4000mg), and ultra strength (6000mg).

All of its hemp is home-grown in Kentucky. The brand chooses only the best hemp plants for CBD production, CBDfx's hemp is 100% organic.

What we like

  • Having several strength options makes it possible to choose the right potency you need
  • Curated blend of terpenes designed to calm you down
  • Guaranteeing a safe and high-quality CBD experience
  • No harmful chemicals or filler ingredients that could dilute the oil and reduce its effectiveness
  • Excellent for anxiety
  • Great customer service

What we don't like

  • Don't like the taste
  • Returns are only possible if the product is unopened

Customer Satisfaction

Customer review: I got the 1000 mg CBD/150mg CBN calming tincture and it was excellent for anxiety. It helps me during the day and to help me sleep. The calming feeling is great.

3. Best For Daytime Use: CBDistillery Daytime Synergy CBG + CBD Tincture

Brand & Product Description:

Another interesting read was the First Of Its kind Survey On Patients Using CBG. One of the most common conditions that the CBG helped to treat or alleviate was anxiety.

With having over 2 million satisfied customers, you can finally relax with cost-effective, high-quality CBD from CBDistillery.

Best For Daytime Use, CBDistillery Daytime Synergy CBG + CBD Tincture.

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Concentration: 500mg CBG and 500Mg CBD
Potency: 17mg CBG and 17mg CBD
Price: $75.00
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The CBDistillery Daytime Synergy CBG + CBD Tincture is yet another one of our top picks as the best CBD oil to help ease those feelings of stress or anxiousness.

The company’s latest CBD oil, the Daytime Synergy, combines two of the most powerful cannabinoids of the hemp plant, CBD and CBG. CBG displays a very strong anti-anxiety effect and it also has muscle-relaxing effects.

So far, those who take CBG have reported enhanced focus, as well as relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Daytime Synergy 1000mg CBG + CBD 1:1 Oil Tincture offers 500mg CBG and 500mg CBD.

CBDistillery follows stringent industry guidelines set forth by the FDA. They are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority which provides guidelines within the CBD industry.

The brand is dedicated to quality with Natural Farming Practice, Lab Tested Potency and Purity, and the U.S. Hemp Authority on all of its labels.

What we like

  • High quality hemp-derived CBD products
  • America's #1 value brand
  • CBD, plus the calming benefits of CBG
  • CBG is known to enhance the therapeutic potential of CBD
  • Feel more relaxed and more energetic
  • Perfect for everyday use

What we don't like

  • Some commented that it takes time to get the refund
  • Few customers cite shipping delays

Customer Satisfaction

Customer review: The highest quality oil that I’ve found! I definitely feel its effects and love the CBD + CBG combo.

Get 15% off all CBDistillery CBD products as a HempJubilation reader. Use this code at checkout: MYCBD

4. Best CBD Oil For Stress: Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Vitamins B12 & D3

Brand & Product Description:

Sunday Scaries creates outstanding CBD products to help you deal with the stressors throughout the day. They strive to deliver the highest-quality CBD products to help you live in a world where you feel calm and relieved every single day.

Best CBD Oil For Stress, Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Vitamins B12 & D3.

Concentration: 500Mg CBD
Potency: 17mg CBD per serving
Price: $39.00
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The brand infuses its CBD oil with Vitamin D3, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin B12 which help balance mood swings, calm the mind, and provide energy throughout the day.

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Vitamins B12 & D3 have a tasty fruit punch flavor and come in 500mg CBD per bottle.

Both the owners personally meet with the hemp farmers within Greeley, Colorado, to ensure the safety of the CBD products and that the products are derived from the best organic materials.

If you are looking for a clean CBD company with a goal you can resonate with and that offers products that deliver results, then Sunday Scaries is for you.

What we like

  • High powered dose with fast absorption
  • Formulated to relieve stress, help you decompress, and allow yourself a cool, calm sense of relief
  • Added benefits of vitamins B12 & D3
  • Pure, clean, and high-quality CBD
  • Excellent customer service

What we don't like

  • The company does not specify the type of extraction process it uses
  • Some customers noted that the CBD price was relatively high compared to other CBD companies

Customer Satisfaction

There is a consistent theme of overwhelmingly positive reviews coming from their customers found on their website. Sunday Scaries CBD products appear to follow through on their promise of providing relief to stressful times.

Customer review: This CBD oil gives me a latent feeling of calmness that makes my day more enjoyable. I forget that I took it until I realize that the ever-present feeling of dread is gone and my mood is elevated. It makes me less irritable and more patient with whatever I’m dealing with.

5. High Quality CBD Oil: NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

Brand & Product Description:

Today, NuLeaf Naturals is regarded as one of the best options for high-quality CBD products that are made through all-organic processes, without any unnecessary, artificial additives, and no pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins.

High Quality CBD Oil, Naturals CBD Oil.

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Concentration: 300mg to 6000mg of CBD
Potency: 60mg CBD per serving
Price: $19.00 to $249.00
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This award-winning Full Spectrum Organic CBD oil is highly concentrated in CBD and contains significant amounts of secondary cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN, and more, which encourages NuLeaf Naturals CBD as an excellent healthy alternative to dealing with anxiety and stress.

The brand uses only high-grade cannabinoid extracts to ensure a safe and regulated product with unsurpassed potency and consistency.

So when it comes to consistency, there's no better brand to purchase your CBD oil from. NuLeaf excels at making one high-quality CBD product made with organic ingredients grown in the USA. And having over 23,000 reviews with a 4.9 out of a five-star rating for just this oil alone backs that up.

You'll also get free, fast shipping. Currently, NuLeaf Naturals offers free two-to-three-day shipping to anywhere in the United States.

What we like

  • Safe and regulated product
  • Highest-grade organic hemp grown in the United States
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Strong effects
  • Full-body relaxation
  • One of the best CBD oils I’ve tried
  • Free and fast shipping

What we don't like

  • Unflavored products which mean the taste can be unpleasant
  • No edibles

Customer Satisfaction

The NuLeaf Naturals website has over 20,000 highly positive reviews praising the quality and effectiveness of products and commenting that the service was fantastic.

Customer review: Amazing! Service is excellent with fast shipping. The only CBD oil I'll buy. Quality is second to none! Helps me with sleep and anxiety.

Get 20% off all NuLeaf Naturals CBD products as a HempJubilation reader. Use this code at checkout: HEMPJUBILATION

6. Best THC Free CBD oil: Joy Organics CBD Tincture

Brand & Product Description:

As a premium CBD company, Joy Organics ranks as the No. 1 source for THC-free broad-spectrum safe products with consistent quality. It's why Joy Organics has some of the best THC-free CBD oil for anxiety.

Best THC Free CBD oil, Joy Organics CBD Tincture.

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Concentration: 900mg to 2250mg of CBD
Potency: 30mg to 75mg CBD per serving
Price: $69.95 to $129.95
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Joy Organics Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture proprietary cannabinoid formula is specially created to melt away the stresses of the day, find calm, and have a good night’s sleep.

This comes in four best tasting flavors, Tranquil Mint, Orange Bliss, Unflavored, and Summer Lemon.

Joy’s innovative and thorough product development team ensures that every single ingredient used is meticulously sourced for quality and efficacy.

If you prefer a THC-free CBD oil, then this formula from Joy Organics may be the ideal product for you.

The USDA-certified organic CBD oil contains only three ingredients: organic peppermint essential oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil, and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract.

What we like

  • Crafted with only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Superior quality
  • These CBD products are ideal for providing ultimate relaxation and assistance with falling asleep and staying asleep
  • CBD experience designed to calm even your most pressing anxieties

What we don't like

  • Pricey
  • Not all of its products are vegan

Customer Satisfaction

Reviewers consistently mention the noticeably higher product quality, its effectiveness, reliability and consistency, exceptional customer service, and fast shipping.

Customer review: Highly recommend. Absolutely the best CBD product I've tried. Love, Love this product. It really helps to keep me calm on my stressful days.

Get 20% off all Joy Organics CBD products as a HempJubilation reader. Use this code at checkout: HEMPJUBILATION

7. Best USDA Organic CBD Oil: Cornbread Hemp USDA Organic CBD Oil

Brand & Product Description:

The thoughtful sourcing and manufacturing processes to create highly potent CBD oil made with organic ingredients and flower-only extraction lays the groundwork for superior quality CBD extracts that customers love.

Best USDA Organic CBD Oil: Cornbread Hemp USDA Organic CBD Oil

Concentration: 375mg to 1500mg of CBD
Potency: 25mg to 50mg CBD per serving and .5mg to 1mg THC
Price: $69.95 to $129.95
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The unique flower-only full-spectrum CBD extract makes for more CBD and less plant matter for a cleaner CBD oil and potent dose with every application to promote a sense of calm throughout the day without drowsiness.

Best for daytime, the distilled hemp extract includes just enough THC to be effective. No flavoring, no preservatives, just the purest full-spectrum CBD oil.

It’s USDA certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, and made from Kentucky-grown hemp. Comes in three strength options: 375mg, 750mg, and 1500mg CBD per bottle.

What we like

  • Kentucky's #1 rated CBD oil
  • Maintaining overall wellness and warding off anxiety
  • Sourced exclusively from USDA organic Kentucky hemp flowers
  • Fast Absorption
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • USDA certified organic

What we don't like

  • Strong taste
  • The pricing is higher than that of other quality CBD products

Customer Satisfaction

The Cornbread Hemp reviews posted by customers on its website are overwhelmingly positive. The high quality of their products, amazing product and amazing customer service are the most common comments in these user reviews.

Customer review: Amazing Stuff! This is my go-to. I've ordered several bottles of this over the years, and it is truly a lifesaver for my stressful life.

8. Best Flavored: FAB CBD Oil

Brand & Product Description:

Fab CBD offers premium full-spectrum cannabinoid blends crafted from the finest organically grown Colorado plants that may be helpful for anyone suffering from anxiety.

Best Flavored, FAB CBD Oil.

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Concentration: 300mg to 2400mg of CBD
Potency: 5mg to 40mg CBD per serving
Price: $39.00 to $129.00
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CBD Oil tinctures are among the most popular products at Fab CBD. They come in 5 flavors and 4 strengths for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find the combo that matches your needs.

The five natural flavors for you to choose from are berry, mint, citrus, natural, and vanilla. And the strengths are 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg of CBD per bottle.

With FAB CBD oil products you can easily control how much you take because you’re using a dropper with convenient measurement markers on the side.

The people of FAB CBD have 25 years of combined experience in the health, fitness, pharmaceutical, and supplement industries.

It's clear that this reputable company focuses on quality over quantity with its small product line mainly designed to support a sense of calm that could ultimately boost overall focus.

What we like

  • Fab CBD is a favorite among users because of its strong commitment to product quality and overall customer experience
  • One of the most respected and innovative brands in the industry
  • Best CBD product formulations
  • Award-winning selection of CBD hemp oil flavors
  • Expertly crafted to deliver not only a consistency that’s appealing but all over relaxation and stress relief

What we don't like

  • No complaints here

Customer Satisfaction

Reviewers consistently mention the noticeably higher product quality, how well the products work, great taste, excellent customer service.

Customer review: I know I can always depend on quality products from FAB. That along with amazing Customer Service keeps me returning as a faithful customer. Love the potency and effectiveness. Helps tremendously! Shipping is quick and products are exactly as ordered.

How Did We Choose The Best CBD Oils For Anxiety?

There are hundreds of CBD brands and thousands of CBD oils for anxiety available, and we want to ensure we are showcasing the safest and most effective CBD products on the market.

To help us narrow down our top ten best CBD oils for anxiety, we focus on brand reputation, customer reviews, ingredients, and pricing.

Verified Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give us great insight into how well the product works. We know CBD works differently for everyone, but we want to include products that tend to work for most people.

All of the products we include in our top eight have at least a 4.4-star rating. Generally, we like to see verified reviews that speak highly about the effectiveness, quality, flavor, and price.

We also want to see customer remarks compliment the company, such as good, friendly customer service or a simple return or exchange experience.

Brand Reputation

It’s essential only to purchase CBD products from reputable, trustworthy brands to feel safe and confident about what is in your CBD.

Reputable brands have their products tested for purity, potency, and other elements to ensure they’re safe and effective.

A brand you can trust should have easy to find information on their website about how they make and test their products, and many will have downloadable lab results so you can see what a third party says about their product and if it backs up what the company claims is in the product.


One of the main reasons people turn to CBD for their anxiety troubles is that they want a holistic remedy instead of pharmaceutical anxiety pills.

When choosing our best CBD oils for anxiety, we look for products that use all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

We also like to see companies using certified organic ingredients and USA-grown hemp plants. We don’t want to see tons of additives found in your CBD for anxiety products.


You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for CBD oil, especially if you find something that works well for you and plan to make multiple purchases.

That’s why we look for affordable brands with subscription pricing so you can save money on recurring orders.

We also like to find companies with money-back guarantees, so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted money if you try a CBD oil that doesn’t work for you.

FDA Warning Letters

On the FDA About Warning Letters website it states that when the FDA finds that a manufacturer has significantly violated FDA regulations, the FDA notifies the manufacturer.

This notification is often in the form of a Warning Letter.

The Warning Letter identifies the violation, such as poor manufacturing practices, problems with claims for what a product can do, or incorrect directions for use.

Right now, the companies listed above don't have any FDA warning letters and haven’t been involved in any lawsuits.

That’s a good thing compared to some other brands that have been warned by the FDA or subject to lawsuits related to safety or quality.

In the end, we had eight CBD oil brands that offer products that are not only impressive for treating general anxiety as well as specific anxiety disorders but are backed by a proven service with hundreds of happy users.

Why CBD Companies Need To Provide Third Party Lab Testing

Third-party product testing is a quality control (QC) process that allows for an independent company (a third party) to test for any and all product quality and safety issues that may pose a risk of harm to the public.

It's the best way to provide evidence that the product is safe and free from harmful contaminants.

When looking through lab reports, there are a few things to take note of:

  • The amount of CBD in the product. Some companies might advertise a certain amount of CBD on the label, but what’s actually in the product could be much less, or even none at all. Lab results can help you ensure that the money you’re spending on a CBD product actually contains the amount of CBD that’s advertised.
  • Other Cannabinoids. CBD itself is a cannabinoid, but it’s far from the only one present in the cannabis or hemp plant. Other cannabinoids to look for in third-party lab reports are CBC, THC, THCA, CBG, CBDA, and CBN.
  • The amount of THC. Since THC is a component found in hemp plants, it’s normal for a very small amount of THC to be found in CBD products. That said, CBD products are not here to “get you high” like Marijuana products, so it’s always important to ensure that the amount of THC in any CBD product is below 0.3% per weight.
  • The levels of “dangerous” things you absolutely don’t want in your CBD products. Things like pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, microbes, chemical solvents, mold, fertilizers, or residual solvents should not be in your CBD product. You want to make sure all these are “Non Detectable” in the lab results.

Does CBD have to be third-party tested?

Third-party testing isn't mandatory. However, market-leading CBD companies know that consumers have concerns about purchasing CBD products in an unregulated market.

Therefore, trustworthy CBD brands like the brands listed here in our best CBD oil for anxiety article have their products tested by independent testing companies to help ease those concerns for their customers.

Is CBD Effective For Treating Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are highly prevalent worldwide and treatment options tend to have adverse side effects and the majority of patients do not achieve complete relief.

Due to CBD’s rising popularity, a number of studies on the benefits of CBD have examined it as a treatment for anxiety.

A large case study in 2019 used CBD to treat people who were struggling with anxiety and sleep. Almost 80% of people’s anxiety improved, and almost 70% reported improved sleep in the first month, but the results for sleep varied over time.

Reasons for cannabidiol use: a cross-sectional 2021 study of CBD users, focusing on stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. The most significant findings were that many CBD users reported that CBD could improve sleep problems, stress, and anxiety and be used for general health and well-being.

How To Use CBD Oil For Treating Anxiety

Well, the answer varies and it’s not advisable to rely on what you can find online. If you plan to use CBD oil to treat anxiety, the very first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor or mental health professional. It is not safe to use CBD for anxiety without speaking to a professional first.

CBD dosage is not one-size-fits-all. Everybody is different, and taking too much CBD can be just as ineffective as taking too little. Along with how fast the oil works in easing the symptoms of anxiety will depend on the individual.

Keep in mind that your weight is a factor when determining the right dosage. Your existing medical conditions, diet, and medications matter, too.

So, to play it safe when figuring out which potency is right for you, it’s best to start small and gradually increase your dose until you reach your desired result. Take a low dose once a day for at least 5-7 days before upping your dosage.

Learn More: How To Use CBD For Anxiety To Get The Best Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD really work for anxiety?

The research on CBD for anxiety is promising, but it’s limited and offers a lack of information on the long-term effects. We need more research to know for certain whether it is a safe and effective treatment.

Is CBD a good alternative to anxiety medication?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat anxiety. Although some research appears to indicate that CBD might have positive benefits for treating anxiety-related disorders, However, more study is needed.

Can CBD oil stop panic attacks?

CBD has been shown to decrease anxiety, while THC decreases anxiety at lower doses and increases it at higher doses. 

CBD seems to be a promising drug for the treatment of the panic disorder. However, novel clinical trials involving patients with panic disorder are clearly needed to clarify the specific mechanism of action of CBD and the safe and ideal therapeutic doses of this compound.

What is a good CBD strength for anxiety?

The dosages used in research studies vary and there is no agreement on how much should be used for specific anxiety disorders. Some dosages that have been used in research studies for anxiety say 300 to 600mg.

What spectrum of CBD is best for anxiety?

Ongoing research shows that both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD may offer benefits for specific conditions like anxiety.

Since this could be due to the entourage effect, full-spectrum CBD may be most appropriate for conditions like anxiety because full-spectrum CBD contains all terpenes and cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, including up to 0.3% THC as they are often associated with the “entourage effect”—multiple cannabinoids working synergistically together.

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oil For Anxiety

We feel your pain. We understand how anxiety feels, how isolation feels, nobody should have to experience that. We’ve been through some really tough times ourselves and learned how to deal with life’s worst moments.

Everybody deserves a helping hand on a difficult day and a fair shot at a worry-free and scare-free life. That’s exactly what we hope to provide - with our best CBD oil for anxiety recommendations.

From all the products we reviewed, the best CBD oil for anxiety is the Medterra CBD True Full Spectrum, CBDfx CBD+ CBN Tincture, and CBDistillery Daytime Synergy CBG+CBD Tincture. Their proprietary formulas are optimized to promote calm and may help relieve anxiety.

However, we don’t think you can go wrong with any of the brands on this list.

Now, if the taste of CBD oil is hard to get down, you can try other CBD products from our recommendations. You can consider CBD gummies, capsules, or edibles, all the CBD companies sell them.

Make sure to talk with your primary care physician or a mental health professional before using CBD oil. They understand your condition and can assist you in finding a product that matches your needs and preferences.

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