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Written by The Hemp Jubilation Team

Updated on: September 18, 2022

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here's our process.

Are You Having Trouble Focusing? These Best CBD for focus products listed below will help you apply a calm, clear focus to the right tasks, duties, and responsibilities — in the right way — having exceptional results.

Not surprisingly, a large percentage of people said that “enhanced focus” would be extremely valuable.

Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to think will suffer... Here's a simple reality: "If you can't focus effectively, you can't think effectively."

Focus can truly change everything. As it is said – “Energy flows where the attention goes”.

When you focus on something, it expands and when your focus is aligned with your actions, it will produce great results.

CBD “Terminology”: Understanding The Best CBD For Focus Products Products

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: Full-spectrum CBD oil contains cannabinoids from the whole hemp plant, including THC (up to 0.3% for federally legal products), terpenes, fatty acids, and flavonoids.
  • Broad-Spectrum: Broad-spectrum CBD oils have the THC removed during processing. Medterra’s Ultra Broad-Spectrum CBD oil has a 10:1 ratio of CBD to the other cannabinoids it contains, i.e., CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, plus terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Isolate is a type of CBD extract that doesn’t contain terpenes, flavonoids, or other cannabinoids like THC. It’s pure CBD.
  • Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are found in cannabis as well as hemp plants. Common cannabinoids besides CBD include THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and offer much more promising results when taken together.
  • Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants, including cannabis that help create the right environment for the synergistic effects of cannabis to occur, otherwise known as the entourage effect. However, While most scientists believe in the entourage effect, it is still only a hypothesis.

    Meaning that when terpenes work with cannabinoids like CBD and THC, they form a synergy that creates stronger and better effects than both would achieve on their own. Terpenoids are the unsung heroes of cannabinoid wellness.
  • Flavonoids are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits providing painkilling properties that aren’t available from just terpenes and cannabinoids alone.
  • Certificates of Analysis (COA): A COA from a third-party lab is a detailed document that displays the lab test results. The COA provides independent evidence showing the exact cannabinoid profile, potency, and THC content in a given product plus other test results, which show that the product is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities.

Best CBD For Focus and Energy

Imagine taking a product that can calm you down, but make you laser-focused and ready to tackle the busy day ahead. That’s the type of high-quality, natural CBD products we are aiming for here.

1. Soul CBD Alert Capsules - Best For Calming Focus

Better Than Your Morning Cup of Joe. Doctor-formulated with more than just potent CBD, Alert CBD Capsules contain natural cognitive enhancers that work to provide you with calming focus so you can stay productive all day long.

Best CBD For Focus, Soul CBD Alert Capsules

Cost: 25mg CBD per capsule, 30 count $62. If you decide to subscribe for access to member savings and perks the cost is $53.

These easy-to-swallow capsules are made from a blend of CBD, and Vitamin B12 to help improve memory and Green Tea which induces a state of calm and focus while helping to boost brainpower.

Other added enhancers are Bacopa Extract which enhances brain function and improves focus and Lian's Mane which reduces brain fog and improves memory.

The brand uses organically-grown-in-the-USA hemp and has all of its products tested by a third-party lab to ensure potency and safety and its promise to customers is quality, organically farmed, gluten-free products with zero THC.

What we like

  • Doctor formulated
  • Proprietary blend of potent CBD and natural cognitive enhancers
  • Zero-THC
  • Organically Farmed
  • Powerful effective formulation

What we don't like

  • A bit pricey
  • Strict return policy

What customers have to say

So much focus with the alert pill. I am a new woman because of you!! The alert capsules have been a game changer for workdays. They help with my focus and productivity. Very effective!!

A few negative reviews expressed that noticed some difference. Might need to take them more consistently to truly assess. Have not seen any effect.

2. Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules - Best Highly Potent CBD and Herbal Combinations

Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules are in a word, superb. Organic and powerful, not-so-common enhance cognition and brain function ingredients prove to us that this brand knows what they’re doing and have a big passion for natural wellness.

Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules, Hemp cannabinoids for daily brain performance.

Cost: 30 capsules. Each serving contains 15mg of CBD and 525mg of herbal extract ingredients $58.99.

This formula — Stay Sharp off-the-beaten-path ingredients are focus powerhouses, like Natural nootropics are proven in boosting brain function while at the same time making the brain healthier.

Along with Adaptogens improve attention and increase endurance in situations caused by fatigue and Nervines ease anxiety and tension by soothing both body and mind.

It’s their dedication to organic, full-spectrum CBD and highly potent herbal combinations that have us praising them together with being eco-conscious, using recycled materials for shipping, and no plastic or dyes in the product line.

And they take their passion for the planet to another level by donating a portion of every sale to nonprofit American Forest, a really much-needed organization that creates and protects healthy forests.

What we like

  • Well-researched ingredients
  • Dr. Formulated
  • Organically grown
  • CBD and highly potent herbal combinations
  • Eco-conscious
  • Donate a portion of every sale to nonprofit American Forest

What we don't like

  • Outdated Lab reports

What customers have to say

They work, focus and alertness are noticeably "sharper". More focused and better equipped to handle the day.

I actually felt a difference after a few days taking these. I had more clarity and drive. It wasn’t immediate but throughout the day I’d find myself getting more things done and focusing better.

A few negative reviews expressed that easy to take and no side effects. I didn’t notice any effect from taking them though.

So I've been taking this for a week and a half and honestly, I can't really tell any difference. I mean, maaaaybe the tiniest bit, but virtually unnoticeable.

3. NuLeaf Naturals CBC Full Spectrum Oil - Best For Enhanced Focus, Motivation, and Cognitive Function

NuLeaf is one of the leading reputable CBD oil brands on the market today. Highlights of the brand include the highest quality and potency of CBD oils, quality customer service, quick and free shipping, pure extraction methods, and over 25,000 positive reviews.

NuLeaf Naturals CBC Full Spectrum Oil, Focus/motivation/cognitive function

Cost: 300mg CBC per bottle $19, 900mg CBC bottle $49, 1800mg CBC per bottle $89. If you decide to subscribe you'll save 20%.

Read our full NuLeaf Naturals Review

Enhanced with a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes with a potency of 60mg/mL this CBC rich tincture is designed to enhance focus, motivation, and cognitive function.

A stand-out feature of NuLeaf Naturals brand is they use organically-cultivated hemp grown in the United States and harvested at peak potency using natural and sustainable farming techniques.

NuLeaf products are made with a unique strain of hemp with proprietary genetics that has unusually high levels of CBC and other cannabinoids and are free of flavors to keep the products pure and natural.

What we like

  • Made with organic hemp & green extraction
  • The company is GMP-compliant with an ISO 8-certified third-party lab
  • CBC products contain high levels of CBC and trace amounts of other cannabinoids
  • Free from pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, mold, and fungi
  • Free shipping
  • Best customer service in the industry

What we don't like

  • Pure, unflavored high-quality CBD has a very grassy and earthy taste which may be strong or unpleasant for some people

What customers have to say

I found that CBC gives me clarity. I don't know what other word to use. After I took a dose, I just felt good and could look at things calmly and clearly.

I love the CBC tincture. I personally feel like it helps me focus and puts my anxiety at ease. Starting my day with it is my new routine for sure!

Love this oil it is very high quality and always amazing customer service and fast shipping too!!! Thank You NuLeaf!!

Negative reviews expressed that while they had an issue with a product, NuLeaf’s customer service was excellent and helped rectify any problems.

4. Harmony Focus CBD Gummies - Best Vegan

Harmony CBD's commitment to producing the highest quality full spectrum CBD products is impressive. And their Focus CBD Gummies are an extraordinary product that just might exceed your expectations.

Harmony Focus CBD Gummies, contain CBD and CBG which have been shown to boost energy and heighten focus.

Cost: 30mg CBD per gummy, 30 count $34.99. If you decide to subscribe and save 30% the cost is $24.49.

Contains CBD and CBG which have been shown to boost energy and heighten focus, as well as Vitamin B12 which is really crucial in keeping the brain and nervous system healthy and functioning well. B12 is needed to form memories and to focus and concentrate along with Green Tea Extract. 

The brand uses all-natural ingredients organically-grown-in-the-USA hemp and is licensed under the state of South Carolina as a hemp grower and processor and its manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA.

All products are tested by ISO-certified, third-party laboratory facilities and customers can view the results on their website that include; cannabinoids, pesticides, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, solvents, and mycotoxins.

What's unique about this company is its product line was released in early 2015 and its testing protocols include extensive shelf-life studies so that they are confident in the use-by date listed on each product.

What we like

  • Non GMO all natural products
  • USDA certified organic
  • NSF GMP certification for public health safety
  • Controls every step of the production process
  • Prices are more than fair
  • Dedicated honest company
  • Was born of a mother’s desire to alleviate her child’s debilitating seizures

What we don't like

  • Contains sugar

What customers have to say

This product definitely helps me stay somewhat relaxed, but also focused without feeling drowsy. Without the pitfalls of caffeine.

This is one of the best and honest places to buy your natural herb needs. Excellent service, excellent prices, and the best advisors for your needs.

A few negative reviews expressed that the gummies had minimal impact on helping me to focus.

5. Secret Nature CBD Fuji Pre-Rolls - Best For Increased Concentration and Boosted Focus

Secret Nature creates CBD products that combine potency and efficacy better than any other. This popular brand produces top-shelf products at affordable prices and high potencies. They specialize in crafting high-CBD, low-THC strains that they can ship discreetly right to your door.

Secret Nature CBD Fuji Pre-Rolls, increased concentration and boosted focus.

Cost: 2 Pack 0.6 Grams Each cost $15, 7 Joints / 0.6 Grams Each cost $40

Secret Nature’s Fuji is a Sativa-dominant strain, and its effects were noticeably present. A few hits resulted in increased concentration and boosted focus.

It didn’t alter much of the headspace like a traditional Sativa strain can do, but it did bring a slight calming effect. The effects were subtle, yet soothing, and improved my ability to get things done.

Not only are Secret Nature’s CBD-rich flowers grown organically by a passionate team of expert cannabis cultivators, but each batch is grown in a highly-controlled, indoor environment.

Along with this pre-roll is wrapped in organic hemp paper and comes with a hemp crutch mouthpiece for a super smooth smoke.

What we like

  • Top-shelf hemp flower
  • Potent high-CBD, low-THC buds
  • 100% Organic, Trimmed Flower Buds, Rolled in Organic Hemp Paper
  • No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides
  • Fast-acting results
  • Affordable prices

What we don't like

  • Some health risks are associated with smoking CBD pre-rolls

What customers have to say

This is the best I've had thus far. Thanks. Definitely my go-to strain to feel uplifted and focused. Very smooth, & burns evenly. Helps me get my head right & motivated before work in the mornings.

Only one negative review expressed that it could have been bigger.

6. Koi THCV + ACV Gummies - Best For Increased Focus and Energy

The Koi THCV + ACV Gummies are made with a perfect blend of apple cider vinegar, hemp-derived THCV, and antioxidant-rich acai, these gummies are designed to help deliver the focused energy you need to power through your day.

Koi THCV + ACV Gummies, are designed to help deliver the focused energy you need to power through your day.

Cost: 20 gummies per jar, 10mg hemp-derived THCV, 600mg apple cider vinegar per gummy, and 75mg of antioxidant-rich Acai cost $49.99. Subscribe and save 20%.

You’ve got goals you want to accomplish. Nicknamed the “sports car” of cannabinoids, THCV reportedly provides feelings of energy, focus, and motivation.

This company’s products are manufactured  from clean hemp grown in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oklahoma and are generally known for their customer service, which is handled by competent, friendly professionals.

All final products are sent to an ISO-accredited 3rd party lab for full-panel analysis to verify potency and purity of each batch.

What we like

  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • They use a solvent-free extraction process for their CBD
  • Good Value
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Importantly – this gummies works
  • Made according to cGMP regulations

What we don't like

  • Not organic

What customers have to say

When I take one of these THCV gummies, I find that I have increased focus as well as extra motivation (and ability) to finish tasks to their completion. I’m really enjoying the increased motivation aspect.

My wife has found an explosive surge of creativity and energy. The feeling she has since taking it is different than other products. The texture of the gummy is top notch. Energy, focus and a sense of calm all in one. Need I say more?

A few negative reviews expressed that I did not feel much with these. They seem to be ok, honestly i do not feel much when eating these. I do like the taste. I probably need to try them for awhile longer for a final verdict.

Can CBD help you focus? Let's clarify

In today's digital world it has become increasingly more difficult to stay focused and concentrated on any given task.

Our days have become dominated by the constant flow of alerts and messages from cell phone texts, email, Facebook, and a dozen other apps that play a role in our personal and professional lives.

All of these digital distractions together with crazy hectic days can affect our productivity, comprehension, and memory which can generate extra stress and can lead to low-quality sleep. 

A lot of people are looking for a quick fix for their lack of concentration and focus - turning to caffeine, stimulants, and energy drinks.

Now, these substances can be widely effective in the short-term but can lead to long-term complications like irregular heartbeat and heart failure, insomnia, constant anxiety, depression, and stomach problems.

But now there is a better way, a natural way to enhance and realign your focus. Enter CBD. CBD is one of many phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD has a wide range of benefits for the physiological system. Some of the science-backed health benefits include reduced anxiety, pain relief, immune support, sleep management, and more.

Although there is a ton of anecdotal evidence, there is no evidence to support that CBD will directly help you focus, looking at the indirect effects might give us some insight on how to achieve the concentration you desire.


Stress and anxiety often fill your thoughts with worry and cause people to feel tired and contribute to the inability to focus on certain tasks.

Because CBD calms the nervous system, early research indicates that CBD can be used to treat anxiety-related disorders.

One study showed that nearly 80% of participants who used CBD to treat their anxiety reported lower anxiety levels within a month.

CBD does this by regulating several neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine and serotonin.


A good night’s rest can be very hard to come by and is a contributor to low energy levels and the inability to focus.

But for most adults, achieving the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep is slightly out of reach and can lead to a list of negative consequences.

Research shows that CBD has a calming effect on the Nervous System. CBD can also alter mood because it affects the serotonin system. 

With this in mind, the effects of taking CBD can in turn lead to a decrease in both stress and anxiety, allowing the body to reach a more restful state. For information on CBD sleep products that will help aid a restful nights sleep Click Here.


Researchers have confirmed that chronic pain doesn't just cause physical discomfort; it can impair your memory and your concentration.

In a recent study two-thirds of participants with chronic pain showed significant disruption of attention and memory when tested.

CBD can help mitigate pain and discomfort by reducing inflammation and altering the way pain signals are sent to the brain.

However, CBD oil is not a magic cure for poor focus and concentration. The compound works best when used in conjunction with other natural vitamins and herbs.

While CBD combined with natural vitamins and minerals can work wonders, be sure to use it alongside activities and exercises that have been proven to stabilize the mood and minimize distractions, including:

  • Make Time For Yourself
  • Take regular walks in nature
  • Keep on socializing with friends
  • Laugh as much as possible

We know there are many benefits of CBD, and one of them could prove invaluable to the modern, digital age — and that is its ability to improve your focus.

Risks and side effects

Most people generally tolerate CBD well. However, some people may experience some side effects depending on the dose. These common side effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea

CBD may also interact with certain medications. Therefore, play it safe if you take any medications and consult a doctor before using any CBD products.

Frequently asked questions?

Below we answer to some common questions relating to CBD and focus.

Can CBD help me focus?

Although there is a ton of anecdotal evidence, there is no evidence to support that CBD will directly help you focus.

However, CBD may potentially help us be more alert, less distracted, and more aware. Because it can help with problems surrounding stress, anxiety, pain, and lack of sleep, all common reasons for lack of focus.

This means CBD may have positive effects on focus and memory, helping to boost our sense of calm and balance our mood.

How much CBD should I take for focus?

Unfortunately, there is not one specific serving size of CBD that works for everyone to support their focus or concentration.

This is because everyone’s body and reaction to CBD are different and what works best for you may not work for everyone.

To find the amount that works best for you, start off with a small serving twice a day and work your way up from there until you feel your desired effects.

Can CBD make you more productive?

CBD is praised for its ability to improve mood and alleviate anxiety. Using CBD combined with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal mental and physical performance keeps you working at peak levels.

The result of an improved mood and less anxiety is increased productivity and a better environment for everyone around you.

Final Thoughts About Best CBD For Focus

There are several different CBD products that you can use to increase focus and the overall amount of energy that you experience each day.

Choose the best CBD for focus product and lessen your fatigue, enhance your mood and focus, and help your body and mind function efficiently and optimally each day.

That about wraps things up here. Remember to talk to a medical professional before starting CBD.

Here’s to a better, more focused you!

We recommend not using any CBD product during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. And just as importantly keep it out of reach from children and pets.

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