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Here at Hemp Jubilation, we pride ourselves on transparency and communication. We work hard to produce a high-quality line of product reviews that are vetted for effectiveness and safety.

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While many people have heard about CBD, many people still don't really know much about CBD. So we thought we would take some time to help you better understand CBD.

What to Look for to Ensure You’re Buying a Legitimate CBD Product

Even if you don't go with something in our review product range, we still want you to know how to identify and separate the poor quality stuff from the not-so-quality stuff.

before you make a product selection

It’s important to know you are selecting a high-quality product from a reputable brand that is as pure and potent as the manufacturer claims. Below are the suggested items to look for to make sure you are making the very best purchase for yourself.

Extraction Process

CO2 Extraction By far the best method out there, this is an expensive but surefire way of producing pure, potent, safe CBD oil.

third-party testing

A certificate of analysis, or COA, is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a CBD product. Essentially, it is a form of quality control that confirms whether the product contains the quantities of CBD that the manufacturer claims or advertises.

A COA should come from a third-party source and not the manufacturer or brand to verify accurate and unbiased results. A third-party COA will generally have a few different sections.

One section will typically detail how much CBD, THC, as well as other, less abundant cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN, or CBC, the product contains. These readings indicate the potency of a product.

Another section will focus on possible contaminants in the form of pesticides or microbes in the product.

A further section will list any possible contamination from heavy metals or chemicals, such as residual solvents.

Since any company can claim that their products have been tested, it is best to purchase your products from a company that lets you see the test results. A reputable company will give you easy access to their tests on their website.

Other Ingredients

Some companies may add other ingredients to their products to work alongside the CBD.

Always check the product for other ingredients before buying. Added chemicals, flavoring additives, or other compounds may not be right for everyone.

Make sure that the non-CBD ingredients that are present are up to your standards and are safe for you to consume.

What Form of CBD is used in the Product

It is important to know which type of CBD is in a product. The difference between each type refers to the cannabinoid profile and the amount of THC.

CBD Isolate: Is a type of CBD extract that doesn’t contain terpenes, flavonoids, or other cannabinoids. It’s pure CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD: Products contain all the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis, including flavonoids and terpenes. Full-spectrum CBD also has a small amount of THC — up to 0.3 percent for federally legal products.

Broad-Spectrum CBD: Contains all the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis except THC.

Check Customers Reviews

The review of verified users of the product speaks volumes. So, you must take time to go through the customers’ comments on the CBD product page you are about to buy. This will help you decide if this is the best product for you.

The more you know

The more you know: the better it is for you.

We know learning what to look for can be difficult. We've been there. But once you are confident that you are choosing a CBD product that fits your needs and your lifestyle, the process gets easier. When you have enough information to verify you are purchasing a high-quality product from a reputable source, you can proceed with confidence.

Top Verified CBD Brands

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Pets Are Family Too

One of our core beliefs is that our family pets deserve the very best care we can give them. Whether they’re our running partners, snuggle buddies or just our very best friends, the animals in our lives provide us unconditional love.

Because of that, Hemp Jubilation has created an educational guide and CBD oil product reviews for your pet’s ongoing well-being and happiness.

We are committed to bringing you the best brands of Pet CBD products on the market today that are specially designed for the comfort and care of your pets.

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There are many fantastic CBD products out there designed to help you take control of your pets wellness. We will explore and discuss the most popular CBD brands so you can find the one that can better help your pet.